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“what i keep- i loose. what i give- stays mine forever.”

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Testimonies From Participants

Feel that my life has changed. In the last two days I have felt vitality and energy to do things. growth I never felt. Yesterday, at night, I was awake and I suddenly felt that a very high-level entity had sent me a stream of data that really washed over me. It was all at a fast speed. Thank you for opening a channel and bringing me to life again.

ishai sne

Participant in the new energy events

Personally I wandered around this world with a lot of things to solve that weighed on me, sat inside me and interfered with the normal course of my life, and Erez actually opened the door to all this to let go and roll in the right direction for me.
A powerful and life-changing experience. Erez is a charming man who offers great security and comfort in his surroundings.
To me, the fact that I came to him is a real gift I received in my life.

marva laora erez

Participant in the new energy events

I highly recommend, especially now, like tuning a musical instrument to a new music that is starting to play now, one that has not yet been heard here. Erez is a magician and a sensitive, loving and very precise master … … this has had a significant impact on my life.

tamara giberstiain

Participant in the new energy events

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